Adare choir ‘on song’ for US trip

Choir members will pay their own fare and raised money for other expenses through concerts, table quizzes and a golf classic, according to director, Tracey Fitzgerald.

“It’s the first time the choir has done anything like this. We got involved because I know Billy Higgins, who has been doing work for Southill for over 20 years and I went on a fund raising trip with 96 young people as a teenager. He asked if we would be interested in doing a kind of tour and splitting the money between Boston and Limerick causes,” she said.

“Whatever school is attached to the parish we perform in will get some of the proceeds. We made a CD a few years ago in aid of the Irish Cancer Society and that raised €23,000. The choir has recorded another CD of church music recently and we’re hoping that we can take that with us when we go on July 23.”

The choir, which is 12 years old, performs regularly at Mass in Adare but also recently accompanied Liam Lawton on stage.

“Most of the original members are still among the 42 people we have now. The members are very humble but they work extremely hard. They spend hours practising and have won several times at the Limerick Church Music Festival,” Ms Fitzgerald added.



Rachael Finucane, Adare choir ‘on song’ for US trip ,�on-song�-for-us-trip/(Wednesday, 18 June 2008).

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