About the Gaelscoil Sheoirse Clancy School

Gaelscoil Sheoirse Clancy was founded in 1986.  The demand for a Gaelscoil came from the local community and it’s success is a tribute to the people of Southill.  Parents who exercised their constitutional right to opt for the education of their children through Irish have stood by the school through many adversities.

Gaining recognition from the Department of Education, procuring a temporary site and basic accommodation all proved difficult.  However with the support of our parents, we never gave up hope and today  the Gaelscoil is thriving with an enrolment of 124 pupils and demand for exceeding capacity.

Our school building is, however, lacking to say the least as we are still in temporary accommodation consisting of prefabs with limited toilet facilities.  The future is uncertain due to the economic downturn, but we are hopeful that the Limerick Regeneration process will deliver a secure permanent school building which is long overdue.

It will indeed be a proud day and a fitting tribute to the parents, teachers and pupils who supported the Gaelscoil down the years through its many trials and tribulations.  We are working hard to promote a feeling of pride in our languge and culture throughout the Southill Community and to foster a sense of national identity amongst those who are often marginalised and isolated.

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